A darker side of life!!!

Whilst I was a serving prisoner I engaged with agencies, both internal and external, in how to try and improve life inside, I have recently been given a copy of some of my work that I created in prison and thought I would share. The following is from a letter I wrote to the Independent … Continue reading A darker side of life!!!

Off we go!!!!

Let's begin with some great news. I was released from prison, this time around, on the 9th June 2017, so to be able to say that I will be starting work for Future Projects, on the 1st November, as a trainee support worker, makes me extremely proud. So begins the next chapter of my life, … Continue reading Off we go!!!!

Mental Health

Over the years I have been diagnosed, though now days I prefer labelled, with a variety of disorders. Anti-social personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, manic depressive (I don't like the term bi-polar as it represents only two levels (bi) yet it is so much more than that) and … Continue reading Mental Health