"Daniel in the Den" Click here for YouTube Documentary 263 YEARS! People that know me, know that the police and me don’t exactly see eye to eye. However, one thing that is important to me is justice. Our prisons around the world are full of the falsely accused and the innocent. There have been a … Continue reading INJUSTICE!!

You’re not very well!!! Chapter four ish.

    I was hoping to be able to create chapters as I moved though the years of my life, and to give my blog some uniformity, however, just like both my life and my mind, being conditioned to follow the regular isn't really me, unless of course it's jail. You see, my thought pattern … Continue reading You’re not very well!!! Chapter four ish.

It starts here!!! Chapter 1

It was suggested to me yesterday, by a close friend, that my blog contained a lot of negative stuff, to which I had to agree. I started thinking about something positive that I could write about, there was quite a few I came up with, however, they all needed further explanation. I then read 'The … Continue reading It starts here!!! Chapter 1

Lights, camera and action!

Well, today is filming day, I am actually writing this blog while filming a segment that will be shown in the final edited version, hopefully!! Now!, I say hopefully because otherwise this blog will mean absolutely nothing, the director thought it would be a good idea to capture me writing a blog whilst being filmed. … Continue reading Lights, camera and action!

Life is a roller-coaster – Just got to ride it!!!

What an incredibly stressful 24 hours it has been, unfortunately I cannot discuss what has caused the stress as it's to do with family but what I can do is, once again, applaud the amazing support network I have around me. My children are just wonderful human beings who make me feel so humble, they … Continue reading Life is a roller-coaster – Just got to ride it!!!