Change the headlines!

I believe, that in order to change the misconceptions and negative perspectives, of which society has many in relation to our criminal justice system, we need to change the headlines. I was taken aback this weekend when I went to double check my spelling of a name before commenting on a related post on LinkedIn. … Continue reading Change the headlines!

Where’s it all heading?

Bit of a long blog I'm afraid, however, I'd like to think the end justifies the means. I've mentioned on a number of occasions about how one of my coping mechanisms when things in the brain department need a tidy up is to be creative. I pick up a pen and paper and whatever comes … Continue reading Where’s it all heading?

Beware the ‘Ides of March’

My Interview with Chris I had the good fortune of interviewing Chris Lambrianou for my first podcast, which discusses issues relating to our criminal justice system. We chat about his time in prison, reform, mental health and lots of other subjects. The link above is to the podcast, however, before you listen here is a brief … Continue reading Beware the ‘Ides of March’

Get out! and Stay out!

The 9th of June 2017, 3 years ago today, I was released from prison. No doubt, for most people being released, it is a joyous occasion. For me? Not so much. In fact, it was one of the scariest days of my life. I can hear some ask, "Shouldn't that be the day you go … Continue reading Get out! and Stay out!

Sit-Down and Drop the Knife to Save a Life.

Most of my time is taken up campaigning for criminal justice reform, especially within our prisons. Rather than tell people what to think, I try to influence how they think. I do this by sharing my experiences and perspective from both the negative and positive aspects of my life.  However, in my spare time, I … Continue reading Sit-Down and Drop the Knife to Save a Life.

The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee. It's not often you get the opportunity to read a friends book, let alone be in a position to write such a public review on it. What makes this even more special, is the added bonus of who wrote the foreword for this book. The foreword, to Wayne and Zack's excellent book, was written … Continue reading The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee.

The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon

When I saw a particular post on Twitter a few days ago, I could not believe my luck. Not only was there an opportunity for me to combine two of my passions, writing and classic films, but an opportunity to also include one of my favourite genres, organised crime. The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon - which … Continue reading The Hollywood Gangsters Blogathon