‘Bird’: What does it mean to do time?

Featured image courtesy of Victor Baumann. To see more of Victor's works, you can follow him on:   @victor.baumann WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Wednesday the 6th March 2019. The venue: We Work in Hoxton, London. The event: hosted by Bird Podcast. The evening, along with raising funds for the amazing Clean Sheet UK (Click on link … Continue reading ‘Bird’: What does it mean to do time?

Facts, fears and fables…part 3

Research has highlighted the often strained relationships that exist between prisoners and their family before, during and after their sentence (Hairston 1991; Visher and Travis 2003; Niven and Stewart 2005; Travis 2005). At the same time, for some prisoners, familial attachments during a prison sentence can be crucial for managing the pressures of prison life, … Continue reading Facts, fears and fables…part 3