Prison Life 2

I hadn't planned to write a part two on prison life; then again, I don't plan any of my blogs. I write when, and what, I feel. When I do write and the subject is on prison, I usually find my mind drifting back to a prison cell. Not in a bad way, as I've … Continue reading Prison Life 2

Prison Life

What’s prison like? Is a question you tend to get often if you’ve been to prison, it’s usually followed by, is it the same as it is on the television? Did you meet any murderers? Was another. A lot of the time, it can be incredibly boring, no and its prison, of course I did. … Continue reading Prison Life

Safe Sharing

It is said that sharing is caring, and rightly so, however, it can also become counter-productive in later life, especially if you want to move on, and most especially if it's your personal story you are sharing. Fortunately, my personal story is also the very thing I use in the very thing it is that … Continue reading Safe Sharing

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part Two

In Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part One, which was published yesterday, I had written about my previous day where I co-chaired the RECONNECT launch event alongside Lord Bradley and Kate Davies CBE. Also published yesterday was the Education Committee's report on their inquiry into prison education. I say yesterday, but in fact, the report had … Continue reading Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part Two

Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part One

Yesterday, May 17, 2022, and today are two days which not only validate my attitude of #whatcanbe but have also combined and made all my past experiences, negative and positive, worthwhile. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would never want to live through my negative experiences again, but I don't want … Continue reading Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part One