St. Martins Lifetime Achievement Award

On the 20th October 2019 at the Royal Academy of Music (featured image), my good friend, Dr Lewis Owens, will once again be presenting his prestigious St. Martin’s Lifetime Achievement Award to a deserving recipient during a fundraising concert for The National Brain Appeal (click on the link for more information on this amazing organisation) … Continue reading St. Martins Lifetime Achievement Award

Does it heal?

“In light of history, experience and the present limitations of human knowledge, we find it quite impossible to say that committing to the untrammelled discretion of the jury the power to pronounce life or death in capital cases is offensive to anything in the Constitution" (as cited in, Wolfgang & Riedel, p.120). Wolfgang, Marvin, and … Continue reading Does it heal?

Free Kenneth Foster

In order to influence and enforce long-term, purposeful change to our criminal justice system, we need a co-operative, a togetherness, like never before. The UK justice system, compares somewhat to the system in the USA. In fact, we have quite a lot in common with our American cousins, most things, unlike our respective justice systems, … Continue reading Free Kenneth Foster