Birmingham Away-Day

Birmingham is somewhere I've visited several times, and I don't mean HMP Birmingham. The city of Birmingham is such an interesting place with so much history packed into what is relatively a small area. From the early 1900s with Peaky Blinders and Major Chester Campbell of Small Heath, sir! to the more modern HS2 complex … Continue reading Birmingham Away-Day

What’s Your Story?

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Rebecca Richens from Fedcap Employment who asked me if I would speak and share my story at a Thought Leadership session as part of their Local Engagement Network. A quick bit of research and I read the following from their website "At Fedcap, we are all about … Continue reading What’s Your Story?

RECONNECT: Cross Border

On Thursday September 29, 2022, on the first floor of Millenium Point in Birmingham I had the honour and pleasure of chairing NHS England's learning and development day. The day provided an opportunity for RECONNECT services to come together to meet, share ideas and improve ways of working together. It was not only a pleasure … Continue reading RECONNECT: Cross Border

Inside Knowledge

On September 20, 2022, as a member of Revolving Doors' Lived Experience Team I was due to give a talk at this year's Perrie Lectures, however, due to the passing and funeral of my dear old former landlady, aka the queen, the lectures had to be postponed until sometime next year, by which time I … Continue reading Inside Knowledge

a person on probation

Well, I'm pleased to start with that I haven't been a person on probation since April 26, 2019. The first time from since I last wore plimsols (or got hit with one by a teacher). My school to prison pipeline didn't appear to have a light at the end of the tunnel, until, ironically, prison … Continue reading a person on probation

Book Launch!!

Formed in 1931, following the Castellammarese War, New York’s original ‘Five Families’ consisted of the Luciano, Profaci, Gagliano, Mangano, and Maranzano organised crime families. After attempting to have Luciano murdered the wheels were turned on Maranzano on September 10, 1931, and following Maranzano’s death, Joseph Bonanno, at the age of 26, became one of the … Continue reading Book Launch!!

The Bigger Picture

Thanks to the fantastic work I am involved in, through being a member of Revolving Doors Lived Experience Team and those we work with, I get to see the criminal justice system as a whole thing rather than a myriad of sections. Which, in a way, is just like reducing reoffending. I can't speak for … Continue reading The Bigger Picture