Barwick Baker

Born on November 14, 1807, Thomas Barwick Lloyd Baker, to give him his full name, is a man who appeared on my radar simply by chance, it was whist I was searching for a B.B. for a different subject. The B.B. I was looking for turned out to be Benjamin Benjamin. However, Barwick Baker also … Continue reading Barwick Baker

The Idols Eye

I had a story published in The Best New True Crime Stories - Well-Mannered, Crooks, Rogues & Criminals, edited by Mitzi Szereto and published by Mango Publishing. I've shared a link to the book below, under which I have the shared the introduction to my story, The Monk, The Brain, and the Marlborough Diamond. reading The Idols Eye

The History of Probation – Part three

I finished part two with a brief look at the Criminal Justice Act 1948 and the introduction of detention, and attendance, centres. AC/DC, although I wasn't a fan (of the band, attendance centres, and detention centres) were more than just a rock band in my life. I can still remember my time as a teenager … Continue reading The History of Probation – Part three

The History of Probation – Part Two

Welcome back to the history of probation. I ended part one with the following: “The Police Court Mission (PCM) was founded by the CETS in 1876 and began in London; offenders could avoid punishment by being placed under the supervision of court missionaries, for practical support and guidance and were also encouraged to sign the … Continue reading The History of Probation – Part Two

The history of probation – Part One

The background My relationship with probation lasted for almost forty-years and there was no gold clock at the end of it. The only way I can describe my relationship with probation over that time is fractured. However, this isn’t a personal history of my relationship with probation, but I, for one, am quite shocked I’m … Continue reading The history of probation – Part One

Pre-sentence reports

In the criminal justice system, there are reports, and acronyms, coming out of your ears. One of the most important, especially when it comes to the difference in receiving a custodial sentence or a non-custodial sentence, is the pre-sentence report or to give it its typical name, a PSR. WHAT IS A PRE-SENTENCE REPORT FOR?A … Continue reading Pre-sentence reports

What is prison really like!

I read a story on Kent Online's website titled 'What life is really like behind bars - Day in the life of a prison officer at Swaleside, Elmley and Standford Hill' ( and it got me thinking. Initially about 'What life is really like behind bars'. As well as my own experiences, I have seen … Continue reading What is prison really like!