I AM KENNETH FOSTER #PlatformsofInspiration

So, I have chosen to dedicate this blog to two people. One is obviously my brother-in-arms Kenneth himself, the second is a man that not only inspires me but someone I have witnessed first hand inspires many more of my peers still serving behind the wall. That man is Jose Aguiar. The guys who attend education at HMP Pentonville are very lucky to have a man like Jose, fighting their corner, trying to improve their minds and making sure that they have the best resources available to do so. It is because of people like Jose, the #HiddenHeroes, who are the ones that make a real difference to the lives of people similar to myself. We all know by now that it is only the individual who can really reform, however, without people like Jose who are influencing that process to take place sooner rather than later, our prison system and reoffending rates would be a lot worse than they are now. So thank you Jose, and thank you to all those that work in education.

On Monday, I was once again present at the celebration of success event held regularly at HMP Pentonville. It does what it says on the tin, they celebrate the educational achievements of the learners, an event that I absolutely love attending, in fact, I should say privileged.

Jose, myself and Andy West

I had chosen to read out something that Kenneth had sent me from behind the wall in his prison cell in Texas. The speech was not recorded, however, I have recorded the speech with what I hope to be inspirational music.


Jose, thank you from Kenneth, Karine, and myself for allowing me to share what Kenneth had sent.


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