Lights, camera and action!


Well, today is filming day, I am actually writing this blog while filming a segment that will be shown in the final edited version, hopefully!! Now!, I say hopefully because otherwise this blog will mean absolutely nothing, the director thought it would be a good idea to capture me writing a blog whilst being filmed. As I have now mentioned the documentary maybe it will be a good idea to upload some previous stills from earlier in the year.

This all came about due to an advert that Giulio had placed in a prison newspaper called ‘InsideTime’, they were looking for someone to film as part of a documentary about someone coming out of prison on licence and how life is after prison. I was due to only have a small part in the documentary, however, it looks like I have taken over the whole thing. This was due to the fact of the trust that Giulio and I had built up through our correspondence while I was still serving my sentence, I told him that I will allow him to as much access as he wishes, as long as anyone else who has become involved could decide if they wished to appear on film or not. I have to say that virtually everyone involved in my life at the moment have all jumped on board with no problems.

So, since being released, Giulio and his business partner Jan have been filming me as I look to move on with my life, it hasn’t been an everyday occurrence, they pop up every now and again for a catch up or come up for special events.

Well! that’s it for now guys, I’ve got a documentary to film and we’re off out, though no doubt to film me walking up and down aimlessly for two hours in the cold, It’s hard work being a star. Laters!!!!!!!!!

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