Life is a roller-coaster – Just got to ride it!!!


What an incredibly stressful 24 hours it has been, unfortunately I cannot discuss what has caused the stress as it’s to do with family but what I can do is, once again, applaud the amazing support network I have around me. My children are just wonderful human beings who make me feel so humble, they have shown me what unconditional love actually is, I have let them down, probably embarrassed them, caused them no end of issues, even at stages deserted them and not just by going into prison. Yet they are behind me 100% and that belief tells me they see something in me, my children are not only my medication they are also my motivation for it is only my children that have a right to judge me and no one else’s and if they tell me I’m doing the right thing then as far as I’m concerned I am doing the right thing. I was once a father, sometimes absent but now I’m becoming a dad (and granddad) and it’s an amazing experience.

Next come the team at the hostel I am staying in, these guys do an amazing job, Donna especially, you meet people in life who you feel have only your best interests at heart and no ulterior motive, unfortunately very rarely but they exist nonetheless, and you know you can trust them with stuff you wouldn’t normally share, it put me in the right frame of mind after our chat to deal with things.

Then we come to my amazing team at Future, wow! wow! wow!, I have run out of superlatives to explain what these guys are like, Laura, Grace, Krissy you three truly are my living guardian angels, sisters, mums (lol) I truly do not know what I would do without the care, love and support you have provided me with over the months I’ve been out. fortitudinem meam – mea coegi – virtutem meam.

My last thanks goes to a very special LADY who has come back into my life after many years out of it, your support has been incredible to me and has allowed me to be me even in my numpty moments, time will soon come.

I know I have posted a few thanks on my blog before but if people do nice things for you say thank you each time and let people know how important they are to you.

Had some good news regarding the documentary I am involved in but I will hold my tongue as we are preparing something now and will upload more soon.

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